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Miss You Heart Pendant

Miss You Heart Pendant

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    This heart pendant features an engraved message of "Miss You", along with intricate etchings and a vibrant red stone. Made of durable stainless steel, it is finished in a sleek silver-tone and comes with a black satin cord necklace. Please note that the silver 'colored' snake chain shown in the picture is not included unless added to your cart. With a bail that can be unscrewed for access, this pendant also comes with a velvet storage bag, stainless steel care instructions, a funnel, and a polishing cloth.


SIZE  18mm H (excluding bail) x 18mm x 8mm          
BAIL LOOP 7mm x 7mm x 2mm
MATERIALS Stainless steel 



This pendant can securely hold a small keepsake, such as a few grains of sand from a meaningful location or a small amount of cremation ash. The amount of keepsake jewelry it can hold depends on its size, ranging from a few grains of sand to about the size of a pea.


SPECIAL ORDER ITEM.  This is a special order item. USA- Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. AUSTRALIA- Allow 7-10 days for delivery

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